1. Personal Protective Equipment Laboratory

It contains a  wide range of personal equipment of all types to be recognized on the proper ways in the use of personal protective equipment with the appropriate choice of protective equipment commensurate with the work environment and reducing the proportion of occupational diseases.


2.  Examination of Environmental and Engineering Hazard Laboratory


The best solutions to the problem of environmental pollution:

· The person's self-awareness the dangers of pollution.

· Stop the licenses of industrial activity which destroys the environment.

· Displace polluting industries away from the whereabouts of the population.

· The development of methods for air pollution control.

· The development of the means of disposal of garbage and waste, specifically the reduction of waste incineration operations in the outdoors.

· Carry out afforestation widely to get rid of air pollutants and absorbed.



3.  FIre and Alarm Systems Laboratory

it's contains  a wide range of fire extinguishing equipment and types so that students of all types of fire extinguishing systems and will be training on modern systems of fire and how to choose the appropriate extinguishing system according to the nature of the work


4. FIrst Aid & CPR Laboratory

First aid is the care and primary care and immediate and temporary man received as a result of sudden exposure to an emergency medical condition led to bleeding wounds or fractures or fainting .. Etc. to save his life and until it is to provide specialized medical care to him the arrival of a doctor to the scene or to transfer him to the nearest hospital or medical clinic.


First aid targets

1 - Maintain a person's life .

2 - prevent the deterioration of the situation of the patient.

3 - help the injured recover .


Principles of first aid

1 - Complete control of the site of the event .

2 - Not infected dead for just the demise of the phenomena of life , such as apnea or pulse.

3 - Remove the injured from the source of danger .

4 - Attention operations artificial respiration and cardiac resuscitation , bleeding and shock. And so on.

5 - Care of the situation before being transported to the hospital.

6 - Attention to comfort the injured.

7 - Attention to save and record all the information available about the incident and the actions that followed.